The ORC team is excited to announce the release of ORC v1.8.4.

The bug fixes:

  • ORC-1304: [C++] Fix seeking over empty PRESENT stream
  • ORC-1400: Use Hadoop 3.3.5 on Java 17+ and benchmark
  • ORC-1413: Fix for ORC row level filter issue with ACID table

The test changes:

  • ORC-1404 Bump parquet to 1.13.0
  • ORC-1414 Upgrade java bench module to spark3.4
  • ORC-1416 Upgrade Jackson dependency to 2.14.2 in bench module
  • ORC-1420 Pin net.bytebuddy package to 1.12.x

The tasks:

  • ORC-1395 Enforce license check via github action