The ORC team is excited to announce the release of ORC v1.8.7.

The bug fixes:

  • ORC-1528: Fix readBytes potential overflow in RecordReaderUtils.ChunkReader#create
  • ORC-1602: [C++] limit compression block size

The test changes:

  • ORC-1556 Add Rocky Linux 9 Docker Test
  • ORC-1557 Add GitHub Action CI for Docker Test
  • ORC-1560 Remove Java11 and clang variants from docker/os-list.txt in branch-1.8
  • ORC-1562 Bump guava to 33.0.0-jre
  • ORC-1578 Fix SparkBenchmark on sales data according to SPARK-40918
  • ORC-1621 Switch to oraclelinux9 from rocky9

The documentations:

  • ORC-1536 Remove hive-storage-api link from maven-javadoc-plugin
  • ORC-1563 Fix orc.bloom.filter.fpp default value and orc.compress notes of Spark and Hive config docs