The ORC team is excited to announce the release of ORC v2.0.1.

The improvements (tools):

  • ORC-1644 Add merge tool to merge multiple ORC files into a single ORC file
  • ORC-1647 Tips for supporting ORC in the convert command
  • ORC-1667 Add check tool to check the index of the specified column

The bug fixes:

  • ORC-1646 Close the reader when reading the schema with the convert command
  • ORC-1654 [C++] Count up EvaluatedRowGroupCount correctly
  • ORC-1684 [C++] Find tzdb without TZDIR when in conda-environments
  • ORC-1688 [C++] Do not access TZDB if there is no timestamp type
  • ORC-1696 Fix ClassCastException when reading avro decimal type in bechmark The tasks:
  • ORC-1649 [C++][Conan] Add 2.0.0 to conan recipe and update release guide
  • ORC-1669 [C++] Deprecate HDFS support
  • ORC-1686 [C++] Avoid using std::filesystem

The test changes:

  • ORC-1648 Add test to convert ORC in the convert command
  • ORC-1663 [C++] Enable TestTimezone.testMissingTZDB on Windows
  • ORC-1672 Remove test packages
  • ORC-1673 Remove test packages[count|merge|sizes]
  • ORC-1676 Use Hive 4.0.0 in benchmark
  • ORC-1681 Remove redundant import statement in tests to fix checkstyle failures
  • ORC-1699 Fix SparkBenchmark in Parquet format according to SPARK-40918
  • ORC-1704 Migration to Scala 2.13 of Apache Spark 3.5.1 at SparkBenchmark
  • ORC-1707 Fix sun.util.calendar IllegalAccessException when SparkBenchmark runs on JDK17
  • ORC-1708 Support data/compress options in Hive benchmark

The build and dependency changes:

The documentation changes:

  • ORC-1668 Add merge command to Java tools documentation