The ORC team is excited to announce the release of ORC v1.8.2.

The bug fixes:

  • ORC-1332 Avoid NegativeArraySizeException when using searchArgument
  • ORC-1343 Disable ENABLE_INDEXES

The improvements:

  • ORC-1327 Exclude the proto files from the nohive jar
  • ORC-1328 Exclude the proto files from the shaded protobuf jar
  • ORC-1329 Add OrcConf.getStringAsList method
  • ORC-1338 Set bloom filter fpp to 1%
  • ORC-1342 Publish SBOM artifacts
  • ORC-1344 Skip SBOM generation during CMake
  • ORC-1345 Use makeBom and skip snapshot check in GitHub Action publish_snapshot job

The test changes:

  • ORC-1323 Make docker/ support target OS arguments
  • ORC-1330 Add TestOrcConf
  • ORC-1339 Remove default value assumption in test cases
  • ORC-1350 Upgrade setup-java to v3

The tasks:

  • ORC-1331 Improve PyArrow page
  • ORC-1336 Protect .asf.yaml, api, ORC-Deep-Dive-2020.pptx files in website
  • ORC-1337 Make .htaccess up to date
  • MINOR: Add .swp to .gitignore
  • MINOR: Link to Apache ORC orc_proto instead of Hive one
  • MINOR: Update DOAP file