The ORC team is excited to announce the release of ORC v1.7.0.

The new features of ORC 1.7:

  • ORC-377 Support Snappy compression in C++ Writer
  • ORC-577 Support row-level filtering
  • ORC-716 Build and test on Java 17-EA
  • ORC-731 Improve Java Tools
  • ORC-742 LazyIO of non-filter columns
  • ORC-751 Implement Predicate Pushdown in C++ Reader
  • ORC-755 Introduce OrcFilterContext
  • ORC-757 Add Hashtable implementation for dictionary
  • ORC-780 Support LZ4 Compression in C++ Writer
  • ORC-797 Allow writers to get the stripe information
  • ORC-818 Build and test in Apple Silicon
  • ORC-861 Bump CMake minimum requirement to 2.8.12
  • ORC-867 Upgrade hive-storage-api to 2.8.1
  • ORC-984 Save the software version that wrote each ORC file

Known issues: