The ORC team is excited to announce the release of ORC v1.6.12.

The bug fixes of ORC 1.6.12:

  • ORC-1008 Overflow detection code is incorrect in IntegerColumnStatisticsImpl
  • ORC-1010 Bump tzdata from tzdata-2020e-1.tar.xz to tzdata-2021b-1.tar.xz
  • ORC-1024 BloomFilter hash computation is inconsistent between Java and C++ clients
  • ORC-1029 Could not load ‘org.apache.orc.DataMask.Provider’ when using orc encryption and spark executor with multi cores!
  • ORC-1034 The search byte array algorithm is incorrectly implemented in
  • ORC-1035 backupDataPath may be incorrect in recoverFile
  • ORC-1036 Due to tzdata upgrade, the fixed download links in CI are often not working
  • ORC-1040 Add Debian 11 docker test
  • ORC-1042 Ignore unused-function C++ compile warning on CentOS 7
  • ORC-1043 Fix C++ conversion compilation error in CentOS 7