The ORC team is excited to announce the release of ORC v1.0.0. This release contains the native C++ ORC reader and some tools.

The major features:

  • Portable pure C++ ORC reader
  • The C++ reader is known to work on:
    • CentOS and RHEL 5, 6, and 7
    • Debian 6 and 7
    • Ubuntu 12 and 14
    • Mac OS 10.10 and 10.11
  • A file-contents command that prints the contents of the file as json records.
  • A file-metadata command that prints the metadata of the file.
  • Docker files for building and testing on various Linux distributions.
  • Memory estimation for the reader.

Known issues:

  • ORC-1 We are still working on moving the Java reader and writer out of Hive’s code base and thus it is not included here.

  • ORC-10 When moving ORC files between timezones, different daylight savings rules will cause timestamps to shift in the C++ reader.

  • ORC-40 Predicate push down is not implemented in C++.