How To Release ORC

Preparing for release

Set version so that it isn’t a SNAPSHOT.

% git checkout branch-X.Y
% edit CMakeLists.txt
% (mkdir build; cd build; cmake ..)

Commit the changes back to Apache along with a tag for the release candidate.

% git commit -s -S -am 'Preparing for release X.Y.Z'
% git remote add apache
% git push apache branch-X.Y
% git tag release-X.Y.Zrc0
% git push apache release-X.Y.Zrc0

Generate the source tarball and checksums for the release.

% wget
% tar xzf release-X.Y.Zrc0.tar.gz
% mv orc-release-X.Y.Zrc0 orc-X.Y.Z
% tar czf orc-X.Y.Z.tar.gz orc-X.Y.Z
% mkdir orc-X.Y.Z-rc0
% mv orc-X.Y.Z.tar.gz orc-X.Y.Z-rc0
% cd orc-X.Y.Z-rc0
% shasum -a 256 orc-X.Y.Z.tar.gz > orc-X.Y.Z.tar.gz.sha256
% gpg --detach-sig --armor orc-X.Y.Z.tar.gz

Verify the artifacts

% shasum -a256 orc-X.Y.Z.tar.gz | diff - orc-X.Y.Z.tar.gz.sha256
% gpg --verify orc-X.Y.Z.tar.gz.asc
% cd ..

Upload the artifacts into Apache dev distribution website.

% svn co --depth=files "" svn-orc
% mv orc-X.Y.Z-rc0 svn-orc
% cd svn-orc
% svn add orc-X.Y.Z-rc0
% svn commit -m "Upload Apache ORC X.Y.Z RC0"

Make sure your GPG key is present in Apache LDAP and the ORC svn dist area. That will be necessary for others to verify the signatures on the release candidate.

Click the version to release (X.Y.Z) here to get the list of jiras that are fixed in X.Y.Z

Send email with the vote:

Subject: [VOTE] Release Apache ORC X.Y.Z (RC0)

Please vote on releasing the following candidate as Apache ORC version X.Y.Z.

[ ] +1 Release this package as Apache ORC X.Y.Z
[ ] -1 Do not release this package because ...




This vote will be open for 72 hours.


To promote a release candidate (RC) to a real release.

Update the final tag and remove the rc tag.

% git tag rel/release-X.Y.Z -s
% git push apache rel/release-X.Y.Z
% git push apache :release-X.Y.Zrc0

Publish the artifacts to Maven central staging. Make sure to have this setup for Apache releases

% cd java
% ./mvnw -Papache-release clean deploy

Publish from the staging area:

  • login to Maven staging
  • find your staging repository (search for org.apache.orc)
  • close it
  • release it

Publish the artifacts to Apache’s dist area.

In a svn clone of
% mkdir orc-X.Y.Z
% cd orc-X.Y.Z
copy release artifacts with a rename from orc-X.Y.Zrc0* to orc-X.Y.Z*
% svn add .
% svn commit ---username <apacheid> -m "ORC X.Y.Z Release"

We keep the latest patch release for each of the last two branches, so remove
extra releases (say I.J.K) from the Apache dist area.

% cd ..
% svn rm orc-I.J.K
% svn commit --username <apacheid> -m "Removed old release ORC I.J.K"

Update the release branch with the version for the next release.

edit CMakeLists.txt to change version to X.Y.(Z+1)-SNAPSHOT
% cd build
% cmake ..
% git commit -a -s -S -am 'Preparing branch for post X.Y.Z development'
% git push apache branch-X.Y

Update the site with the new release.

  • Check out the main branch (git checkout apache/main)
Change directory in to site.
% pwd
% cd site
Set up site/target to be a separate git workspace that tracks the asf-site branch.
% git clone -b asf-site target
  • edit site/_data/releases.yml to add new release
    • update the state for the releases to match the changes in the Apache dist
      • latest = new release (only one of these!)
      • stable = other release still in dist
      • archived = removed from dist
  • create a new file _posts/ for the news section
  • Run docker build -t orc-site .
  • Run CONTAINER=$(docker run -d -p 4000:4000 orc-site)
  • Check the website on
  • If it looks good, copy the results out of docker:
    • Run docker cp $CONTAINER:/home/orc/site/target .
    • Run docker stop $CONTAINER
% git commit -am "Update site for X.Y.Z"
% git push origin main
  • Change directory into site/target for publishing the site.
  • Add the new files that you just generated.
    • This assumes you’ve set up site/target to be a separate git workspace that tracks the asf-site branch.
  • Commit to asf-site to publish the updated site.
    % cd target
    % git commit -am "Publish site for X.Y.Z"
    % git push origin asf-site

Update ORC’s jira to reflect the released version.

  • Select the resolved issues and bulk transition them to closed with following query here.
    • query: project = ORC AND fixVersion = X.Y.Z and status = Resolved ORDER BY created desc
  • Mark the version as released and set the date here.

It usually take up to 24 hours for the apache dist mirrors and maven central to update with the new release.

To release ORC in vcpkg.

We could release the latest ORC version in vcpkg.

1.Download the source code of vcpkg:

% git clone

2.Compile vcpkg

Configure your vcpkg based on operating system versions. See Getting Started

3.Update ORC version

Update the version field of vcpkg.json. Run the following command to rebuild ORC:

% ./vcpkg build  orc

You will receive an error, which contains a SHA512 value, updating it to the portfile.cmake file.

Expected hash: 141afbd6d83b8c8032df071838e7da61eedb3d22289642f76669b6efd167d7550b200bd3542f012d0b63c9ae2572d83fcb1b7f76537b6fa6f980aebf37e2cde2

Actual hash (you should update): 7b9d6f9613f48b41843618465c0c71ed70e5695b4fc4b3db15d0bbfe4c5126e0c6c8f1114d6c450a56b4ddf0357d89bd40cb03c0964275c59761cc0f8fec1291

4.Commit current changes

% git commit -m ""

Run ./vcpkg x-add-version –all to auto generate version item in version database.

% ./vcpkg x-add-version --all

Test changes with the following command:

% ./vcpkg build orc

If anything is ok, re-commit changes and send a PR to vcpkg repo.

This is an example of updating to ORC 1.9.2

Note: You will not immediately find the merged PR version on the official website of vcpkg. check vcpkg release to know the latest release progress.

To release ORC in Conan.

We could release the latest ORC version in conan.

1.Install conan

Install your conan with the help of the official guide: Install

2.Download the source code of conan-center-index:

% git clone

3.Update ORC version

Add the new version to config.yml and conandata.yml locally in your conan-center-index. Run the following command in the conan-center-index/recipes/orc/all directory to build ORC of version X.Y.Z:

% conan create . --version=X.Y.Z

4.Commit current changes

If everything is ok, commit the local change and open a pull request to conan-center-index repo.

This is an example of adding ORC 2.0.0 to it.