The ORC team is excited to announce the release of ORC v1.5.6.

Users are advised that as of ORC 1.5.6, ORCReaders that aren’t used to create RecordReaders should be closed.

The new features of ORC 1.5:

  • ORC-179 Add ORC C++ Writer
  • ORC-91 Support for variable length blocks in HDFS.
  • ORC-199 Implement a CSV to ORC converter
  • ORC-344 Support for using Decimal64ColumnVector
  • ORC-345 Adding Decimal64StatisticsImpl
  • ORC-331 Support for building C++ under MSVC.
  • ORC-234 Support for older versions of Hadoop (>= 2.2.x)
  • ORC-305 Added statistics for size on disk

Known issues:

  • ORC-525 Users must close ORC Readers after use

  • ORC-414 ORC files with malformed protobuf objects can crash C++ reader

  • ORC-562 Don’t wrap the readerSchema with ACID fields, if it already is

  • ORC-569 The first index entry may have empty positions